Meet the Honoree: Dr. Anandasabapathy

Meet the Honoree: Dr. Anandasabapathy

Boston, MA— Cancer hides in plain sight of the immune system. The body’s natural tumor surveillance programs should be able to detect and attack rogue cancer cells when they arise, and yet when cancer thrives, it does so because these defense systems have failed. A team of iinvestigators led by Niroshana Anandasabapathy, MD, PhD, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital have uncovered a critical strategy that some cancers may be using to cloak themselves – they find evidence of this genetic...

"I hope our work will lead to drugs for our patients that help the immune system’s ability to recognize and eliminate cancer."

In cancer, dendritic cells (DCs) can tell T cells either to tolerate or attack tumor cells. To understand what determines this decision, Dr. Anandasabapathy is exploring which DC genes suppress anti-cancer immunity. She has already identified one that regulates tumor immunity. High expression of this gene promotes tolerance, and when...

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